Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica: Runemaster's 3D World of Pain and Pleasure

3D World of Pain and Pleasure

I don’t think either of us ever tire of tentacles, do we…just look what is waiting for us this time. It’s another tentacle site just brimming with decadence and peril. Shall we enter together?

The perfect picture of despair. That’s what she is. Her arms and legs spread almost regally, don’t you think? And her every orifice left open for invasion. Oh she will definitely be invaded tonight. Sometimes I almost wish we could go in together and see what we could do with these victims. How would we participate? Or would we just get in the way of all those writhing, juicy tentacles? You’re right, we’re better out here enjoying our own little funfest of writhing.

Now that…is a demon. The realism in these images is amazing, but just look at him. His eye, gleaming with evil and wickedness. The textures on his horns, we could almost reach out and touch – no don’t! Do you want him to see us? To turn those lusty maddening eyes onto us? No, we’re much safer here. Of course we can enter, but please, don’t step out of your chair or safety restraints. For he looks very hungry indeed!

Image Strip Gallery

So you wish to know more, my travelling friend? That is wondrous news. In order to see these illicit images, I will require proper authorization and identification. If you please, go to the artist's site at Erotic Illusions and sign up for that one. Then return here with the codes you have been given for full unadulterated access to both that site and this one. After that, we will spend some quality time together within this exciting gallery, seeing what is on ... display...!

Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions


Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions